News from Mrs. Case's Art Room

We Hate Charcoal!

This was what I heard over and over for the week or so that my basic art classes worked on charcoal still life drawings. I try to expose my basic art classes to all of the different drawing mediums so that they can learn what they like and don’t like. It’s funny how some classes love certain mediums and hate others. Some classes love charcoal but others hate it. This year I think a majority of students started out hating charcoal because it is pretty messy. It gets all over your hands, your table, your project and sometimes even on your face. It smudges, you can get fingerprints on your paper and it’s sometimes hard to control. However, I will say that overall the students learned to like (or at least tolerate) charcoal and the projects turned out great! The drawings have received many compliments and I am proud of the work that the basic art classes completed even if they didn’t love the medium!

And this student got creative and added a bit of color with chalk pastel!


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