News from Mrs. Case's Art Room

Transformation Drawings

I am constantly trying to think of new projects to challenge my advanced art students, but there are a few that I love and have done a couple of times. The first project that my advanced art students completed this year was a transformation project. I LOVE this project. I was assigned something similar to it in college and struggled with it for some reason but that’s probably why I enjoy it so much. It challenges the students right at the beginning of the year, prepares them for college level art classes and the results are very interesting and impressive!

For the assignment, the students have a choice of two assignments. Since it was the beginning of the school year, both were based off of the idea of “school supplies.” The first choice was to create an image using ONLY number 2 pencils. The pencils had to have all of the traditional elements of a number 2 pencil but could bent and shaped however they needed to be to form the image. Here are a couple of great examples!

Pencil FishEagle made of PencilsPencil Shark

The second option was to choose a supply/material from the art room and transform it into something else through a series of at least 5 steps. There were LOTS of great ideas for this option! I am always impressed by the creativity of my students! Here a few examples of their amazing creativity!

Paintbrush - Palm Tree

Fire Extinguisher - Dragon

Watercolors - Sesame Street


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