News from Mrs. Case's Art Room

Every year I look forward to pumpkin painting and homecoming. The kids probably think I hate it because it’s pretty hectic and the art room looks like a tornado went through it but I must say I love seeing my classroom that way because that means that everyone’s busy being very creative! This year pumpkin painting and homecoming both fell on the same weekend, so the week leading up to the events was basically a whirlwind in the art room! But I must say that everything turned out GREAT!

In case you were wondering why we were spending time painting pumpkins, each year my students decorate pumpkins that are displayed at the Wyalusing fall festival and are raffled off. It is a great opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity as well as help the community. This year we had many creative pumpkins including cartoon characters, drippy paint pumpkins and even pumpkins covered in yarn.

PeacockYarn Pumpkin

Autumn Drippy Pumpkin

Minnie MouseFish

And homecoming also went very well! The theme for the dance was “Welcome to Pandora” and was inspired by the jungles from the movie Avatar. There were flowers, mushrooms and banners all made in the art room to help transform the cafeteria into a beautiful paradise! Here is the banner that we made!

Homecoming Banner


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