News from Mrs. Case's Art Room

Beginning of the New Year

The art classes are now getting back into the full swing of things and the art room is starting to fill with all kinds of exciting new work. The advanced art students spent their first warming up by reviewing different kinds of drawing. Here are a few examples of their work:

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Basic art classes have been learning about drawing using basic shapes as well as shading with pencils. 7th graders have been having fun drawing some cartoons and 8th graders have been studying optical illusions and perspective. The ceramics students have been having a lot fun finishing some pinch pot creations and have also been building with coils (they don’t enjoy that as much!).

This week was Arts in Education week across the country and in honor of this week the students used their sketchbook assignment to show why art is important to them. They came up with some great ideas. Why do you think art is important?

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back Rams! 🙂

I am so excited to be welcoming you back to WVHS! I hope that you all had a great summer!

The summer brought some changes for our art department…the first of which….I have a new name! 🙂 Yes, on July 27 I got married and am now Mrs. Case!

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We had a great day and then enjoyed a very relaxing trip to Lake George which was gorgeous! We even went parasailing! That’s us up there!

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Hope you all had an equally exciting and relaxing summer!

Now it’s time to get back to work at WVHS! The art department and the classes will be a little different this year, but I am confident that we will have another fantastic year full of great art! I cannot wait to see what you all create this year, you always amaze me! I will post lots of updates on this blog including pictures of work in progress, finished work as well as any art opportunities that come up!

Turning Our Hands Into Art

The project that my advanced art students have recently finished was somewhat similar to the transformation project that I wrote a post about previously. In this project, the students had to use their hands to create their work of art. For the assignment, the students had to create a sculpture or painting in which their hands created an image. The hands still had to be present in the work of art but were painted/colored/etc. to look like animals, objects and so on. Here a few examples of the drawings that the students created:

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A Princess Project

When I was approached by Wyalusing’s Chamber of Commerce about this project, I knew that my students would love it – especially the girls. The Chamber asked us to help them make a scene that included the Disney Princesses that they could use for photos for their upcoming tea party for children. The tea party was being organized by one of our own seniors for her senior project. Last year we helped with a similar project, but the theme was Wizard of Oz. I was excited to help with this project and knew that the students would love helping as well. After all, girls love princesses, no matter how old they are. So for a few days the art room was full of students busily painting their favorite princesses so that they would be finished before we left for Thanksgiving break.

Busy painting the princesses

More work being done…

Some students enjoying the finished product!

Cinderella on the side panel (yes, she is singing)

And I had to get in on the fun too! 🙂 My favorite princess on the side panel.

Creepy Cartoon Characters

Last week’s sketchbook assignment for the basic and advanced art classes included two drawings. The first was simply to draw and color a cartoon character of their choice. Second, the students had to draw the skeleton of that character. (I assigned the drawings around Halloween.) I provided the students with handouts about human skeletons and some examples of imaginary cartoon character skeletons. The drawings were handed in on Friday and they were FANTASTIC! Check out a few of my favorites!

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We Hate Charcoal!

This was what I heard over and over for the week or so that my basic art classes worked on charcoal still life drawings. I try to expose my basic art classes to all of the different drawing mediums so that they can learn what they like and don’t like. It’s funny how some classes love certain mediums and hate others. Some classes love charcoal but others hate it. This year I think a majority of students started out hating charcoal because it is pretty messy. It gets all over your hands, your table, your project and sometimes even on your face. It smudges, you can get fingerprints on your paper and it’s sometimes hard to control. However, I will say that overall the students learned to like (or at least tolerate) charcoal and the projects turned out great! The drawings have received many compliments and I am proud of the work that the basic art classes completed even if they didn’t love the medium!

And this student got creative and added a bit of color with chalk pastel!

ArtRoomRAMblings Ram Contest

For last week’s sketchbook, basic and advanced art students had the choice to create a ram for ArtRoomRAMblings Ram design contest. There was a great variety of drawings handed in but I narrowed it down to four (one from each class) that were outstanding and met all of the criteria.

Here are the four finalists:

The art classes will vote to choose one of these ram designs for the header image for the blog. Stop back later to see who the winner is!